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2017 Annual ASRA Conference

"Taking it On - Audio Archiving for the Next Generation"

"Every true thing has already been said, but each new generation must find a way to say it in their own words."
– Marty Rubin (author of "The Boiled Frog Syndrome")

51 Lawson Crescent, Acton ACT 2601
Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th October 2017

Provisional Program  2017 Conference Program (PDF)

Conference Theme

This year's conference theme 'Taking it On - Audio Archiving for the Next Generation' explores the impact of generational change on sound and audiovisual archives. How might a new generation of globally connected sound practitioners and archivists and equipped with 21st Century skill sets transform our thinking about sound archives? What will the next generations want from our sound archives? How does the legacy of past and present generations of archivists meet their needs, and where does it fall short? The program will include papers by experts and practitioners with experience from across the audiovisual collections sector, including researchers, archivists, preservation specialists, collectors, oral historians, academics, broadcast professionals and creative practitioners.

The conference will explore sub-themes including:

  • Born digital - digital natives and the digital ecology.
  • Succession - from both sides.
  • Radical! - new ideas and challenging the status quo.
  • Ways of working - adapting to a changing workplace.
  • Expectations - how are they changing?
  • Technology - risks and opportunities.
  • Retro - when "old" becomes "cool".
  • Knowledge Management.

As with all ASRA Conferences we plan to celebrate our diversity and are seeking to include papers which explore emerging technologies and business models.


Registration and Membership

All presenters are encouraged to be financial members of ASRA. Membership Applications can be completed online and enables you to obtain a discount on the cost of your conference registration. For further membership information, please contact or visit the ASRA Membership page.


About ASRA

ASRA was formed in 1986, from the Australian Branch of the International Association of Sound Archivists (IASA) and is an association for those interested in recorded sound. The Association is made up of professional sound archivists, curators, recording engineers, radio broadcasters, oral and social historians, sound artists, preservation specialists, researchers and private collectors, consisting of individuals and institutions with a strong interest in sound recording history, its development and all related activities. ASRA also publishes the Australasian Sound Archive, a journal that features papers by fellow professionals in the sound and archival industries and often includes papers delivered at the ASRA annual conference



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