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2018 Annual ASRA Conference
"Music, History and Technology"

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th November 2018

"Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays, let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all."
– Arthur C. Clarke

Studios 301Studios 301
3B Ellis Avenue, Alexandria, NSW


Conference Theme

This year's conference theme 'Music, History and Technology' highlights some of the key areas of interest common to ASRA's membership and constituency, and allows us a broad scope to discuss, describe and debate topics from all aspects of audio creative, recording and collecting disciplines. We seek to include papers by experts and practitioners across the relevant disciplines including sound recordists, musicians, researchers, archivists, preservation specialists, collectors, oral historians, academics, broadcast professionals and creative practitioners.

Sub-themes may include:

  • Listening & hearing.
  • Messages, medium and media.
  • Professional development in the audio arts, technologies and sciences.
  • Gender and diversity issues and opportunities.
  • Icons and treasures.
  • Australasia's sonic and musical identity.
  • How we got to here.
  • Unsung heroes and heroines.
  • Processes, practices and projects.

As with all ASRA Conferences we plan to celebrate our diversity and are seeking to include papers which explore emerging technologies and business models.


Registration and Membership


All presenters are encouraged to be financial members of ASRA. Membership Applications can be completed online and enables you to obtain a discount on the cost of your conference registration. For further membership information, please contact or visit the ASRA Membership page.


Conference Paper Abstracts

ASRA Conference AbstractsConference Paper Abstracts (PDF 364kb)

The above PDF contains the Abstracts for the following Papers...

  • Keynote Presentation by Martin Benge
    "From Grooves to Gigabytes - A Journey Recorded"

  • Lilith Lane
    "Our Recording Studio History: Building the Narrative"

  • Assoc. Prof. Samantha Bennett - School of Music, The Australian National University
    "On the Research and Pedagogical Benefits of Technological Precursors in the 21st Century Recording Studio"

  • Liz Giuffre (UTS)
    "The Music, History and Technology of Forty Years of Radio 2SER"

  • Adam Traine
    'What's My Scene?': Creative Networks as Local Music Archiving Tool

  • Tamara Osicka
    "History is written by the victors: Stuart Booty and his place in the beginnings of the recording industry in Australia"

  • Stuart Coupe (Laughing Outlaw)

  • Maryanne Doyle (NFSA)
    "Farewell to the Oliviers at the Australian Recording Studio"

  • Melinda Barrie (University of Melbourne Archives)
    "Preservation Case Study Paul Ormonde's audio interviews with Jim Cairns family and colleagues for his biography A Passionate Foolish Man"

  • Panel Session
    "Sounds of Silence Gender Diversity? In the Recording Industry"
    Chair - Annie Breslin (SLNSW).
    Michelle Barry, Lilith Lane, Virginia Read, Nicki Roller, Karen Hewit,
    Charlotte Rochecouste

  • Panel Session
    "Pre-Echoes : Music and Recording; Past, Present and Future"
    Chair Samantha Bennett (ANU School of Music)
    Stephen Crane (Studio 301), Philip Mortlock (Origin), Mark Opitz (Best Seat),
    Virginia Read (ABC Classics)

  • Panel Session
    "Digitisation industry panel. How can government and industry work together better to preserve our audio and musical cultural heritage?"
    Chair Robert Thomson (TAFE)
    Joe Carra (Crystal Mastering), Joe Kelly (Damsmart), Ron Haryanto (301),
    Duncan Lowe (Infidel)

About ASRA

ASRA was formed in 1986, from the Australian Branch of the International Association of Sound Archivists (IASA) and is an association for those interested in recorded sound and recorded sound collections. The Association is made up of professional sound archivists, curators, recording engineers, radio broadcasters, oral and social historians, sound artists, preservation specialists, researchers and private collectors, consisting of individuals and institutions with a strong interest in sound recording history, its development and all related activities.

ASRA also publishes the Australasian Sound Archive, a journal that features papers by fellow professionals in the sound and archival industries and often includes papers delivered at the ASRA annual conference. ASRA operates independently and does not represent or endorse the views, activities, services or operations of its institutional and corporate members and/or partners.


About Studios 301

Studios 301 is Australia's largest and longest running recording facility. Recently undertaking a multi-million dollar relaunch, the studio's heritage can be traced back to the dawn of large scale commercial sound recording in Australia, when The Columbia Graphophone Company (which later became EMI Records) opened Australia's first record factory and studio in 1926. The new Studios 301 facility in Alexandria combines the best of old and new technology with classic studio construction techniques and meticulous attention to detail.

Studios 301Visit for more details.



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