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ASRA Journals

Australasian Sound Archive (ASA) Journal - 1986 to NOW

ASRA JournalASRA membership includes a yearly subscription to the "Australasian Sound Archive". If you would like to become a member of ASRA and reserve your copy of the Australasian Sound Archive journal, please fill out our Membership Form and join today.

ASA Journal Editions To Date

The annual journal features papers by fellow professionals in the sound and archival industries and often includes papers delivered at the ASRA annual conference.


ASA Journal Submissions

ASRA appreciates submissions made for inclusion within the ASA journal. All contributions are reviewed before publication. Not all submissions are published. Submissions must conform to Journal Submission Guidelines.


ASA Journal Back-Order

Previous editions of Australasian Sound Archive (ISSN:0818-5646), the official Journal of ASRA, can be obtained by sending an email to the . Please list the editions you require. We can confirm the price and availability of particular editions upon receipt of your request.


IASA Australian Branch Newsletter (ABN) - 1979 to 1986

ASRA was formed from the Australian Branch of IASA, whose publication [prior to the Australasian Sound Archive] was the IASA - Australian Banch Newsletter (ISSN: 0725-2285).

IASA ABN Editions Published

The final edition of the IASA - Australian Branch Newsletter (No. 25), was also the first edition of the replacement journal known as the Australasian Sound Archive (No. 1) published by the newly formed replacement association of ASRA (Australasian Sound Recording Association). These are not available for back order.




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